These rules are probably the only serious thing on this site :P

Member rules Edit

These rules are here to make sure that everybody can enjoy this site and have fun.

1: Insulting other users in ANY way is not allowed. This is a site for DOOM comedy, if you've go a problem with a user don't talk with them.

2: Porn is not allowed at all. This includes porn videos, pornographic articles, and any pictures that are NSFW. These things are not allowed here at all.

3: Racism is not allowed. Memes and jokes designed to be racist towards ANY group is not allowed. It doesn't matter if it's a black joke, mexican joke, asian joke, white joke, ect, racist jokes are NOT allowed.

4: Trolling is not allowed. Granted this is a DOOM humor site, Trolling isn't DOOM or Humor. It is only a gigantic mess that the admins have to clean up.

5: Non-DOOM realted jokes are not allowed here. Posts MUST be DOOM related and humorus.

6: Jokes need to be humorus. We don't want random stupid posts that nobody understands.

7: Respect the admins. They're here to enforce these rules so that you can have a good time.

8: If you have a problem, contact one of the admins.

9: Don't take credit for other people's work. Weather it be an article or a piture, if it's not yours don't clame that it is.

Admin rules Edit

These rules are to make sure that the admins can't abuse there rights.

1: Follow proper dicipline procedures. The are designed to keep things fair, and to provide proper backing for any actions made by an admin.

2: When it comes to bans and blocks, actions outside of dicipline procedures are FORBIDDEN. Again these procedures are made to keep dicipline fair.

3: Absolutely NO power abuse! This includes anything from failing to follow dicipline procedures to banning people for fun. THIS IS GROUNDS FOR DEMOTION AND PERMANENT BAN!

4: Mingle with the community for hell's sake. You're one of use now act like it. Post dumb jokes, talk and visit with the members. Seem like a friend not an overlord.

Chat Rules Edit

1: You can talk about whatever, DOOM related or not, chat is for visiting, so we aren't gonna limit it to just DOOM there.

2: Again, NO PORN

3: Again, NO RACISM


5: Respect admins and chat mods, again they are there to enforce the rules so you can have fun